Reliving life’s gold moments within bronze sculptures.

That’s exactly what Wouter wants to achieve with his artworks. Wouter is a young and super ambitious artist who is making waves in the contemporary art scene.

He is not only an accomplished head chef in his own restaurant Prix de Rome in Maastricht, but also a multi-talented 3D sculpture artist.

Incorporating the finest local ingredients and cutting-edge culinary techniques Wouter creates something fresh and new in his kitchen that blows people away.Through tantalizing scents and flavors, he transports them back to that little nostalgic moment in time they had completely forgotten about. It's no different with his art; Wouter constantly pushes the boundaries to create something magical.

‘’Bringing together all those little pieces of what you’ve seen in life, what you've learned through time and what truly fascinates you, into one new creation that’s experiencing magic.’’

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